Saturday, May 14, 2011


this weekend, was the MOMS club garage sale. I was there today helping out (read: shopping). as is tradition, near the very end, stuff like clothes and toys can be snapped up for free, since they are just going to be donated anyway. as we were digging through some boxes, a friend came upon the PERFECT thing for my daughter…

a tail.

I knew it would make her happier than almost anything (other than, perhaps, a REAL dog bed, which has been on the top of her wish list forever now).

I was right.001

she’s had it on since I got home with it. even wore it out to the bike shop with dave.


  1. if I'd known she would love it that much, I'd have given it to her a long time ago! I have a dog "nose" as well if she wants it, too.

  2. That is so funny and cute. She looks adorable.
    I remember my mom bought me a dwarf rabbit instead of a dog (that I was talking about every single day of my childhood) This is a nice alternative haha :)



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