Monday, March 14, 2011

project life–week 10

week 10! TEN weeks of 2011 are DONE! wow.

here’s the start of the week:060

I didn’t have a picture for tuedsay, so I had layla draw a picture. she’s jump roping… one of her favorite activities right now. she takes her jump rope to school with her every day in her back pack so she can jump at recess.

then we have the sheet of ‘other’ pictures. I included the ones of my fateful evening of washing the pull-up, supermouse, shane and micah’s restaurant, layla sleeping on toby, and the crazy looking picture that layla took of toby w/ her finger over the flash that made it look red. the kids all think that’s the coolest picture ever. LOL!061

and then we have a ton of layla’s drawings for the week. there’s the girl wearing the party hat flying a kite, and the purple butterfly (she draws a LOT of butterflies these days):062

and then there’s the flowers and a paper she brought home from school:063

and then there’s this page – making up her own homework. I love the way she spells things now. LOVE it. 064

and finally, the end of the week:065

a couple things of note here… first is wednesday’s picture which is a continuation of something from last week. we’re carefully checking this forsythia bush every week to see the blossoms open. this week we found a couple that were actually open! exciting! thursday’s picture almost makes me cry every time I look at it. that’s my baby’s hand in mine. I wish I could photograph the way it feels and hang on to that forever… and finally, I didn’t have a picture for saturday, so I asked micah if he’d like to draw a picture or write some letters for me. he wanted to write his name. I reminded him of the order of the letters, but he wrote it. that’s the first time he’s EVER written his name…

okay, I have to quit now because I’m going to start crying.

that’s week 10. now where’s the kleenex?!

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