Monday, January 31, 2011

my 33 pound waif

well, layla is a happy little girl. she has her very own GIRLIE, big kid booster seat.

we had a little bit of a dilemma. the car seat that layla has been using was a traditional 5 point harness CAR SEAT. you know, ages 1 and up. it had the little seat belt guides in it, so you can use it as a booster for kids over 30 lbs. that’s all fine and dandy, except when you’re 5 years old and a BIG kid, you don’t want to be see with ‘baby buckles’ in your seat. the other problem is that the arm rests on the seat were so high, she couldn’t reach the buckle to fasten or unfasten her seat belt herself.

so a couple of weeks ago, I put her on the scale. I wanted to see how close she was to the 40 pound mark. the magic number where you can ride in a backless booster seat. this is only magical because we happen to have THREE of these seats floating around. I did not want to have to buy another booster seat.

33 pounds. it’ll be awhile.

so, out of curiousity, I put micah on the scale.

32 pounds. hahahaha!

I happened to see that target had the graco full-backed turbobooster on sale, so I decided to just go ahead and do it. she was with me, and as soon as she saw the box that had the PINK seat in it with the pink and purple flowers and butterflies on it, she was IN LOVE. she begged for it. it’s non-girlie counterpart was BORING. tan. with tiny blue polka dots. blah. and I justified it with the logic that micah is only 3 and he already weighs 32 pounds. by the time he’s old enough for this sort of seat to even be an issue, he’ll be way past the 40 pound mark, so can bypass this kind of seat completely. so the hand-me-down thing was not really an issue. besides, layla will probably still not be heavy enough to NOT use it! haha!


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  1. She must be so tiny. I live in fear that Hannah will be that way too. Matthew will catch up to her before too long. Lily has broken 40 now so that has been nice. Jake is still in the 30s and Hannah is in the 20s. Maybe someday she will enjoy being little. :)



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