Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 week 4 in pictures

sunday:040 I stayed home from church with the boys, who had colds, and dave took layla. after, they stopped at the brown bag for a brunch date. layla was double fisting her water and apple juice.

monday:003layla brought home one of these breyer horse books from the school loved it. so I looked up at the library to see if they had them and ordered a bunch. she was SO excited. and apparently this is what she does, when excited…


no picture, but layla drew a picture of her missing the bus to go along with this, which I included in the book.

wednesday:015 tried out my dehydrator. dried apples are sooooo yummy!

thursday:008 layla doing homework and micah ‘helping’.

friday:016it was moms night out for me, so dave took the kids to cold stone. they love it when I leave.

saturday:019a little game of sorry. micah is not really ready for it, but with some help, he managed for awhile. it’s tough because he really wants to play.

there was also a 8x10 collage of extras and another which included various shots of this:007 the kids were trying to get dave off the couch… or maybe they were trying to do bodily damage… not sure which.

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