Tuesday, August 31, 2010

back to… SCHOOL???

really? yup. me. I signed my kid up for school. like, real school. like, in a classroom. with a teacher. that’s not me. shocking!

tomorrow morning, layla starts kindergarten.

I’ve gone back and forth about the homeschooling thing. and what it came down to, is that I really don’t want to do it. that paired with the fact that layla really likes classroom-type stuff, and kept asking all summer long when she could go back to her preschool, seemed like a recipe for a mediocre experience, at best.

enough explaining. she’s going. end of story. (for now, at least.)

so with her going to school, and shane going back to my mom’s, I’m officially, no longer, a homeschool mom. guess I have to change my profile, huh?

she’s really looking forward to it. we went to the open house last night, saw the classroom and met her teacher… whom she has talked about all day today. we met a few classmates as well, including the son of some people we sorta know. mom went to trinity (before my time), but is mutual friends with some other friends of ours from there… long story, short, we were actually all together at a christmas party several years back. she’s now the children’s ministry director at a church down the street! we also discovered that, of the 6 girls on layla’s soccer team, 5 of them are in this class! all good encouragement!

she’s chosen her clothes for the first day – true to layla fashion sense. I did manage to talk her out of wearing her oldest, most beat-up shoes, in favor of some newer, less beat-up shoes. sheesh! she had no interest in wearing anything remotely ‘new’, nor could she be convinced that red socks don’t go very well with hot pink leggings… whatever. they may as well see ‘the real layla’, as opposed to someone obviously dressed by their color-matching-conscious mother.

we went shopping yesterday for school supplies.

my prosthetic arm and leg should be arriving sometime next week.

she’s very excited about her hello kitty backpack. I talked her out of the tinkerbell one. not sure why, but I figured the lasting power of hello kitty was longer than that of tinkerbell. I don’t know why I bothered, really, since I see little probability of this backpack surviving longer than a year.

possibly most exciting of all, is that she gets to ride the bus! because we live across a very busy road from the school, we get a bus. because she’s in half-day kindergarten, she gets to ride the ‘kindergarten’ bus home. it’s SO cute. it’s a smaller bus (NOT a short bus) and it’s just for the kindergarteners! there’s one bus for the whole class. she could ride the big bus in the morning, and perhaps she will eventually, but for now, I’m more confortable driving her. you know, all those big, scary 6th graders are on the bus too…

I’ll most definitely be taking lots of pictures tomorrow… so be sure to check back!

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