Saturday, June 26, 2010

some saturday organization…

so, if you’ve been to my house or have seen pictures of my dining room, you know about the “art wall”. basically, we have a big, blank wall that spans the kitchen and dining room and we decided to use it to display the kids’ (read: layla’s) art. it was getting pretty full and i was dreading the process of pulling it all down and/or taking down old stuff and putting newer stuff up, and then trying to figure out what to do w/ the old stuff, etc. etc.

we got a BIG shelf for free a couple of months ago and i wanted to use it to gather and organize all of my homeschooling supplies in one place – out of micah’s reach. it’s been sitting in the garage, collecting random crap (i think that’s related to the theory of chaos) because there wasn’t any place in the house where it would fit, that didn’t already have furniture there and i hadn’t figured out what to do w/ it yet.

BUT, i knew i HAD to do something about the school stuff. our current system (or lack thereof) was NOT working. micah would get into stuff, spread it all over the floor; i had things in boxes out in the garage (out of sight, out of mind) and not getting used. i had things left over from when i quit teaching that i wanted to use, but weren’t accessible easily… the whole thing was just one big, disorganized mess. the story of my life!

anyway, i decided to bring the shelf into the dining room. we do most school work in here anyway. so i stripped all the things off the wall… any guesses which of the 3 piles is layla’s?002

so now that all that is down, the wall looks like this:001  and then, finally:004

do you think i’m starting to look like a homeschooler?

i pulled stuff onto that shelf from every room in the house… okay, well not the bathrooms. i pulled stuff out of my preschool boxes, finally pulled some encyclopedia-type books that have been in a box for years, put all the art supplies in a location that might actually encourage me to USE them, scoured shane’s pit bedroom to find this, that, and the other thing that didn’t belong in there… holy cow! i have sections for each different subject. and i think the best thing is that i managed to locate 19 pencils WITH erasers!

i’m sure there’s more stuff that needs to go on there, so fortunately there’s still more space! and i just remembered i have a globe that will look great on top! ;)

and now i need a replacement art wall…


  1. We try to encourage the kids to put their artwork on their bedroom doors, that way is out of the way but everyone can still see it...just an idea! ;) The shelf looks great...want to come over and organize my crafting stuff for me? ;) HA HA BUT you've maybe inspired me! ;)

  2. Looks good! How fun to have everything together. I have to keep things accessible and in one place or I never use it. What happened to the green carpet?

  3. green carpet is everywhere BUT the kitchen and dining room.



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