Saturday, October 10, 2009


we are in the midst of soccer season here. actually, it seems like we’ve been at it forever already and we’ve still got forever to go… 

shane’s team, nysa dynamite, because of their success in recent years, got selected to be a part of a new program that nysa is trying out this year. i’m still a little fuzzy on all the details of it and how it works, but basically, they’re still technically a rec team (as in, no tryouts, no outrageous, take out a loan, price tag), but they’re playing almost as though they were a select team. their opponents are ‘similar’ teams from around the area. i guess they’re kind of like a traveling team, in that they don’t just play teams from our league.

at any rate, they’re doing well. last week, they had their first tie of the season, 0-0 against a bellevue team, and all the rest have been wins.

Dynamites_11 Dynamites_58

this is very much in dave’s realm and he’s totally living it up as the assistant coach of the team. it’s fun for him and shane to have something like this to bond over. as always we’re super thankful for our head coach, todd and his family. a great coach. pushes the kids, expects hard work, but always kind and fair.


  1. Don't you wish you could clone coaches like that? Joey had a baseball coach like that once and he made it one the best experiences ever for Joey.

  2. Great shots! Thats awesome that he is on such a great team and that his dad gets to help!



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