Monday, March 30, 2009

long overdue picture posting…

okay, so this is going to be a big mish-mash of the last month.  i haven’t emptied the camera in weeks so i’ve not done a lot of the posts i’ve intended to because i didn’t have the pictures to go w/ the post.  but now i have and here they are……

how micah helps dave play video games

Picture 158  Picture 162 Picture 160don’t think this needs a lot of explanation.

excessive after-bath cuteness

we’ve noticed that micah is apparently prematurely aware of his need for modesty.  he always does this when he’s wearing his towel, gathering up the corners in his hand.  yes, it’s probably so he doesn’t trip, but i just think it’s adorable how he winds up with the ‘loin-cloth’ look.

Picture 172 Picture 174 Picture 176

a glimpse inside the artist’s mind

layla made a card for her friend robin’s birthday.  this is how it started out.  she drew some balloons and i wrote a message on the inside.  she colored in the balloons and did a little more decorating.  she got upset when i said she had to quit and go to bed.Picture 185 Picture 186 the next day, she asked for the card back because she ‘wasn’t done with it’.  by the time it was time to leave for the party, the structural integrity of the paper was questionable.  she covered every possible surface of the paper and even decorated the back.Picture 187 Picture 188 Picture 189

dave’s hat

awhile back, i reported that i had finished dave’s hat.  i’d worked on it for awhile, and it was my first project that required reading a pattern, a seam, and shaping.  i was pleased with the way it turned out.  he really liked it… well, at least he wore it.  he’s nice enough that i don’t think he would tell me if he didn’t after i had made it.

Picture 227 Picture 229  unfortunately, it fell out of his pocket one day and we’re hoping that it found it’s way into the hands of someone who really needed a hat.

layla’s camping trip

layla announced one saturday that she wanted to go camping with daddy.  so she did.  she put together ‘beds’ for them in the kitchen (which, i guess, was the campsite).  he was a good sport and got in his ‘sleeping bag’ when he was told to.Picture 236 Picture 237

princess layla, the lucky, and princess micah, the thief.

Picture 254 Picture 255 Picture 256 Picture 259

the latest in fine motor skill development

i thought this was pretty impressive for a 17 month old.  micah wasn’t so interested in eating his soup as he was messing around with it.  he ate a little out of the center of his bread and then started transferring it, by spoonfuls, into the center of his bread.Picture 270 and finally……

a bedroom makeover

so layla and micah have been sharing a full-size bed for a couple of months now, but every now and then, one or the other of them falls out.  last week, dave and i both looked at the bed and had the same thought.  they’re pretty short, so why not have them sleep horizontally in it?  so we reoriented the bedding the next time it got made so that they have a lot more space.  no one has fallen out so far.

Picture 273

also, i went on a bit of a rampage this weekend.  i had come to the conclusion that there is really only so many times you can pick up the SAME FREAKIN’ TOYS off the floor without losing your mind. so… this is what the closet shelf looks like now. 

Picture 278Picture 277     i labeled all the bins and put them up on the shelf, including things like the doll house toys and the baby ‘accessories’. if they want to play with something, they ask for it and the can’t have anything else down (or do anything else) until they’ve cleaned up and i have put it away back on the shelf.  yes, i know this is totally fascist, but I DON’T CARE!!! i am so sick of the mess and of layla saying “i can’t do it” every time she’s asked to clean up her room.  i think the huge, random mess was just too overwhelming for her.  now, if she has one thing to put away, it’s obvious where it goes and she has to do it or she doesn’t get anything else.  so far i’m loving it.  and, this is what the rest of her room looks like now.  Picture 274i took all the blankets and stuffed animals (that i didn’t get rid of last week – yes, mary, i got rid of stuffed animals. i told you, i’m on a rampage) that were all over the floor and falling off the bed and shoved them on the shelves where all the toy bins used to be. and the only ‘toys’ out are big things that don’t have 4 million little pieces that get strewn ALL OVER MY HOUSE! i LOVE it!!!!!!!                Picture 275Picture 276

i’ve been so crazy with the getting rid of stuff lately.  i love it.  i even got rid of half of layla’s kitchen supplies (since there were way more than anyone could ever possibly need) and put those in bins that must be requested.  i’ve gotten rid of most of the ‘baby toys’ since all micah does with them is throw them all over the place, just keeping a few favorites like the crocodile and the star stacker, and the big trucks.  one more step out of the clutter and crap i’m drowning in.

so there you go, the month of march, condensed into one really long post!  (apparently shane went on vacation this month because i have nothing of him.  oops!  i’ll have to make sure i take plenty of pictures of him in april.  maybe we’ll have to make over his room.)



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  1. I am so proud of the rampage! Great job. It all looks great!



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