Sunday, November 2, 2008

when did all hell break loose?

and why did nobody tell me?

i swear i'm going to lose it today - or sometime in the near future.  i don't know if it's halloween, too much excitement, too much candy, the weather, the fact that we were out of town for 5 days or what, but my kids are driving me up the friggin' wall!

they're fighting, stir-crazy, seem to have misplaced their ears and their ability to do anything they are asked to do and they're trashing the house repeatedly, which just puts me more on edge.  they're just awful!  it's like they're trying to get on each other's nerves... and subsequently mine. 

my parents said they were just wonderful for the 5 days they spent with them.  the listened, they got along, they ate their dinners... what the heck?  maybe they used it all up.

i need a vacation from my kids... and i just had one.


  1. Oh Rachel...wouldn't it be great to have a magic finger?
    You know so you could just point at stuff and make things right!
    It sounds to me like you need a good nights sleep!
    My kids just know when I am not at my full mental and physical power level and play on it and how they are still alive to this day..I do not know ;D
    Keep your chin up gf and if there is anything I can do to help you just call!
    Keep smiling funny girl =D

  2. While I always say I'd rather have my kids have their meltdowns at home for me instead of out in public (and it's true...) it's so frustrating when they actually *do* melt down. Hang in there, Rachel.



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