Thursday, November 6, 2008

it just keeps getting better...

so obviously, from my earlier post, the dinner-making portion of my day was a little less than spectacular. 

oh, that was just the beginning.

dave worked late today.

after dinner, i ran a bath for the younger 2 and in the process of getting them from the dining room to the bathroom, micah knocked the container of cheerios off the table and they dumped ALL OVER the floor.  i scooped up what i could and threw it back in the container, then, mindful that the water was still running in the tub and i didn't want to flood the bathroom, i herded the kids into the bathroom and dumped them into the tub.

i went back into the dining room and proceeded to sweep up the mound of cheerios that was left on the floor, all the while keeping an ear open for both voices and giggles in the bathroom (as long as you can hear them, their heads are above water, right?).  that took all of about 2 minutes.

i looked in on them (both happy as could be) and discovered that both of my younger, happy children were sitting in a tub full of murky poo water.  complete with floaters.  apparently micah had unloaded and layla hadn't noticed yet since she was using a toy boat to dump *water* over both their heads.

i stood there, staring at the tub, in a full-on panic, and like any intelligent, college-educated person, said, "oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! oh!"

i grabbed layla out and stood her on the bath mat, dripping wet.  my eloquent description of what was going on (see above) had piqued shane's interest enough to take a break from his computer game to see what was going on. 


i told him to go turn on the shower in the other bathroom, threw a bottle of shampoo at him and sent layla in to get clean and unpooey in there.

i turned my attention to micah, still sitting in all his pooey glory, happily playing with pooey bath toys.  i had no idea what to do.  i flipped the switch to drain the tub, and pondered my options.  i could take him out, but he's covered in poo and whatever i put him near will also become covered in poo.  so i just left him there, because, really, the bathtub was already covered in poo, and at least it's contained, right?  so while i'm waiting for the tub to drain, micah played with his poo and i called dave and swore never to speak to him again.  because it's his fault, right?

so i got to use the 'pressure wash' setting on my hand-held shower head again to clean out the tub.  micah wasn't very fond of it (since he was still in the tub when i was using it - no, i didn't spray him with it).  you could say it scared the *you know what* out of him, except it was already out.  so after traumatizing him with that, i switched back to regular spray and cleaned him up.  cleaned him up good.

just another day, right?


  1. Sounds like you had a very eventful night. I am sure that David was super excited to come home to all of that. I know Joe would get the brunt of my wrath if that had been my night! :) If it doesn't kill us and we don't kill them it makes us stronger, right?

  2. I know I already commented but one last thing...being a parent SUCKS! So sorry that you had to do that.

  3. Sounds like you and I were living in the same alternate universe the other night.

    Until the boys get used to the time change, I've started feeding them dinner anytime between 4:30 and 5:30. That has the added bonus of getting them into bed earlier, but also the drawback of them getting up earlier in the morning.

  4. rachel ~ officially that is the best form of birth control i have heard you and christy are sooo right! Eew! i am so sorry that poo is part of motherhood! i'm sure you handled it much better then i ever will. hope you guys are doing good. it was so nice seeing you at the baptism!



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