Saturday, November 29, 2008

fading fast

this is the first time micah's fallen asleep at the table. it was so funny because he was determined to finish his sandwich. his eyes were closed the whole time, but he just kept taking bites and chewing. but his head kept flopping around, doing the stevie wonder thing. i felt a little bit sorry for him, but of course my first instinct was to grab the camera. i'm horrible! but it was so cute, i couldn't help laughing (and snapping a million pictures). when he finally gave in and laid his head on the table, i rescued him and put him to bed, where he is currently... i guess i should go clean up the table.

Click to play micah sleeping
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  1. Oh very cute...Jonathan used to do that...ah memories!

  2. looks like the new camera is working well...

  3. Those eyelashes kill me! Our boys will still fall asleep at the table. It was all good fun until one of them fell asleep with a bite of carrot in his mouth.



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