Monday, October 20, 2008

pictures, pictures, and more pictures...

ah, yes. how were pictures? pretty good actually.

yesterday was our appointment to have EVERYONE'S pictures taken. we're about 7 months or more overdue for a new family picture. i wanted to do them every 2 years. well, layla is 8 months old in the one on our wall. so we did that. shane is 7 and layla is 18 months in the last picture we have of the kids together, so we did that too. a sibling shot including micah... novel concept considering he's a year old now. new individuals for layla and micah - way overdue on that one, he was 3 months in his last one. oops. we had shane's taken too, but didn't like any of them, so i'll make another appointment and take just him this week or next. he had this really weird fake smile going on.

it's actually amazing that we did that well. shane, micah and myself all had colds, so i was afraid that we'd be red, blotchy or miserable, but everyone looked fine. layla fell apart after the shoot was over and it turned out that she was coming down with the cold as well, but was kind enough to wait until we were done with picture day for that. she's the one that usually takes it the worst, and turns all red and goopy really fast. if the appointment were today, we'd have to cancel it. but yesterday she looked fine.

so it was almost entirely a success! we're getting them back on november 1st, and hopefully shane's soon after so everyone will be updated soon!

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  1. A great photographer helped me get Joey to quit the cheesy grin for pictures, saying turkey makes the mouth into a natural smile shape. At first I thought she was just nutty, but it actually works.



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