Thursday, June 12, 2008

a belated top 5

1. markers. i loved markers as a kid and i still do. now layla is appreciating the entertainment value of markers. paper and markers can keep her entertained for hours. seriously. very little else can keep her occupied that long, but the child loves to draw, color, scribble, "write letters" and whatever else she can come up with to do with her markers. i think we should buy stock in crayola since i'm pretty sure we'll be going through a lot of these!

2. in-n-out burger. this place rocks. dave has totally converted me. i get so excited when we go to california so we can eat at in-n-out. double-double... yum.

3. roomba! yes, i love my vacuum, so i had to put it in my top 5. holy cow, my floors are clean! right now it's just so fun to use that i use it all the time. did i mention in the last blog about it that my kids named it 'john'? yeah, i know. i don't get it either. they decided it needed a name so shane goes, 'let's call it john!' okay. the added bonus is that i keep things a lot more picked up because the floors need to be cleared in order to vacuum. and it's motivation for shane to pick up too. he cleaned his room and layla's just so he could put 'john' in there to clean.

4. at&t park. or sbc, or pac bell, whatever you want to call it. you know, where the giants play in san francisco. this is a gorgeous ballpark. don't worry, i'm still loyal to safeco, but this is definitely my 2nd favorite. dave and i got to see a great game while there a couple weeks ago. gorgeous weather, good seats, and the giants won! we even were on tv a couple times because we were hanging out with the newlyweds, anthony and chalane who were wearing 'bride' and 'groom' shirts!
5. my new bed! so dave pulled off a good one here. our old bed was in sad shape. it sagged badly in the middle and sleeping on it was like perching on the edge of the grand canyon. everyone woke up in a pile in the middle of the bed. so he got this great idea that he would get a new mattress set 'for my birthday'. he had the whole thing worked out that it would be delivered and set up while we were gone. so when we got back from our trip, there it was, sitting in our room, all made up like it had always been there. the funny thing is, i was home for like 3 hours before i even made it down the hall and into the bedroom to notice it. it's so comfy!


  1. Despite everywhere I've been, I've never been to in-n-out burger. I'll add it to my list. But only cause you reccomended it.

  2. You have beaten both Joe and myself to a game at PacBell Park. We have been there but never for a game! I am glad that you like your new mattress. Aren't they comfy?



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