Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017–week 14

sunday: i had some professional development classes to take for work, so i was chained to the computer for a good chunk of the day. this was my companion as i worked. 051

monday: very odd day. there was a threat of violence at the high school, so pretty much most of the student body stayed home. shane was among those lobbying for a day at home, so to ensure it wasn’t just a day of fun and leisure, i made him a lengthy to-do list to keep him occupied. i think it worked out very well. ;)007

also monday: when i got home from work, i took bonez on the longest walk ever, because it was such a nice day. this is some of the awesome spring color we saw on our walk. 2017-04-086

wednesday: i was making white chicken chili for soup supper at church, and was tossing my cans into this bag for recycling. i seem to have attracted the local wildlife.027

saturday: school’s out for spring break, which means it’s time for my traditional school break to-do list. i make one for every break, and usually don’t get that much of it checked off. this time, the kids’ break lined up with mine, so i threw in a few of their requests, too, not just house and work projects.037

also saturday: dave, layla, and micah went off on their first bike ride of the spring on the centennial trail.2017-04-089

and the final for saturday: micah’s second baseball game of the season (that didn’t get rained out). it wasn’t raining, but it was COLD and super windy! we were miserable, even wrapped in a blanket and with hotties in our pockets! BRR!! we finally bailed and watched the final inning from inside the car.2017-04-087

and that’s it for this week!

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