Monday, November 28, 2016

odd stuff

so, my dad has been v e r y  s l o w l y going though boxes in his garage, getting rid of stuff, etc. a lot of it is my mom's stuff that he has no use for or doesn't think he will use. protocol is that he shows it to me before he gives it away, in case it's something I want or could use. today's box was full of candles.

back when we lived in ohio, my mom and I went to a couple of partylite parties, and she even hosted one. all of my partylite candles have long since been burnt up, but she apparently still had a bunch, and my doesn't seem to think that scented candles need to be a part of his life. win for me.

so i'm sorting though this box to see what there is. aside from a bunch of partylite tealights and an awesome 3 wick brick candle, there were some candle holders, and then a bunch of assorted stuff and a big ziplock of the cheapy tealights we use in jack-o-lanterns and not much else. I already have my own big ziplock of those, so those will probably find their way to goodwill.

side note, I felt a little bit silly as I got excited and a little sentimental about the dog hairs that were stuck to some of the candles and in the bottom corners of the box. they were black. ahh... sophie.

but then there was a grocery bag of something. turns out it's a small supply of what can only be individual communion cups.


so many questions.

why did my mom have these? why are they stored in a box with candles? was she planning to start her own church and was gathering supplies?

and, of course, what am I going to do with them?

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