Sunday, July 24, 2016


The last two days have cemented the idea that I either need to install a door on the master bathroom, or have my kids evaluated. Probably both.

Our house has an obscenely huge master suite in which dave and I, as the apparent masters of the house, reside. It includes a spacious bathroom which includes a shower, vanity, and jacuzzi tub, with a water closet and a walk-in closet. It's really a pretty decent set-up, except for one thing. There's no door. 

Yes, there is a door on the water closet. (Thank goodness.) There is also a door on the closet. And obviously, there is a door on our bedroom. 

I guess the idea is that the bedroom door is sufficient to keep other family members out, and that couples only require privacy from each other when using the toilet or choosing their clothes.

I still find it a little weird. At any rate, we've had issues with kids walking in at various times, and we yell at them to get out or dive quickly behind one of the doors, and then lecture them about knocking and stuff like that. But mostly, no big deal. 

Except when it is. 

Like the other day when I took a shower without remembering that earlier, I had washed all the towels in the house and not hung up new ones. Oops. So I holler at layla to bring me a towel. No biggie, I just did my best to hide behind my glass shower door while dripping and shivering. Maybe I need to let the soap scum build up a little more. So she gets me a towel and brings it into my bedroom. But I can hear her talking the whole time. I realize she's on the phone with someone. But then, to my horror, I realize she's not just talking on the phone, no, she's FACETIMING!!!  So I start yelling "Hang up! Hang up!!" as she's getting further into the room, and she looks up all startled and confused, and finally just chucks the towel in the general direction of the shower and leaves. 

And then, the next day. I'm getting ready for my birthday party in the afternoon. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off, when Micah (who Had been off playing with his friends) barges right into my bedroom, dragging his 2 friends in with him!! It seems that my neighbor (the friends' mother) had sent them over with some zucchinis she had offered me and a croquet wicket I needed to borrow (we are 1 short for some reason). And so it seems that this entourage bearing gifts (you know it takes 3 boys to carry 2 zucchinis and a wicket) needed to deliver them to me at that very moment, regardless of what I may have doing at the time. So of course, I dove into my closet as quick as I could and screamed at Micah from behind the door to get out. And he replied about the importance of bringing over these things and all I can get out at that point is "KITCHEN!!! Put it in the kitchen!!" 

Good grief!

At any rate, I'm thinking that a door may be in order very soon. And another lecture about knocking. 

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