Monday, March 2, 2015

project life 2015–week 9

sunday (or so): dave took layla out for a ride on her new bike! gotta get ready for her obliteride ride in august! 25 miles!189

monday: well, it looks like things are going downhill for my mom. on sunday, she lost all the strength in her legs. so she’s pretty much bed-ridden at this point, and winding down. still cutting away obsessively at flannel board figures, paper dolls, and any laminating I will give her. but she gets confused. meds and liver enzymes in her system affect her ability to think and perceive things clearly. so I will be visiting a lot. to help out my dad in caring for her, and just to spend time.183

tuesday: 4th and 5th grade choir concert.188

wednesday: bonez doesn’t always want to play, but every now and then he’ll bring you a toy to let you know he’s in the mood. 193

thursday: I’m sure this is an important skill… but to me, it just makes for a funny picture, and I’m all about that.205

friday: and this is why I need the LARGE utility tote! I carry so much stuff to and from work every day. it’s crazy.216

also friday: my sweet colleague, who doesn’t even work on fridays, brought me dinner. delivered it to my classroom fridge in the middle of the day. she knows it’s been a tough week, and this literally made me bawl. 217

and an extra:

this is why it’s not really a good use of money or time for preschool teachers to get manicures… 204

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