Monday, March 23, 2015

project life 2015–week 12

monday: this is what our street looks like right now. I honestly have no idea what they are doing out there.2015-03-232

tuesday: YES!!! my spring catalogs finally arrived!!! so. much. awesome. stuff…!105

wednesday: bonez in the front yard? yes! meeting the kids when they get off the bus? yes!! running around like a happy dog? yes!!! thanks, invisible fence!2015-03-239

thursday: micah got to take a free trial of a gymnastics class. he was so excited to get to jump into the foam pit! he wants to sign up for classes, but I told him he had to wait until baseball season is over.2015-03-233

also thursday: just a few things layla is working on… like being eaten by pacman.2015-03-234

friday: lutherwood!!! this was micah’s first year to be old enough to go, so dave got to be the chaperone! both kids had a blast. dave? I think he had fun. camp is kind of his thing. ;)2015-03-236


I’m not entirely sure how all this is going to shake out, but they’ll go in the book somewhere…

  • micah, watching the work going on out front.
  • apparently, “go do your homework” translates directly to “eat a pancake right out of the fridge”. who knew?
  • this little creation is apparently a “potato leprechaun mario”… I had other thoughts.
  • happy x2 is O2 boxes in my mailbox!!
  • my dad and his feisty kitty, beatrice.

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