Monday, September 9, 2013

week 36 in pictures

sunday: lunch in west seattle at the spud.2013-10-03

monday: heard the sound of darth vader, right out our bedroom window, first thing in the morning. pulled up the blinds to this balloon RIGHT there.002

tuesday: first day of school pictures for the year.2013-10-033

wednesday: so far, micah LOVES school. BUT, pick up time does not go so well because he so desperately wants to be a bus rider. this was his reaction on the second day of school.023

thursday: I have a lot of small verticals that will be going into center slots and collaged by twos into a couple bigger slots from our anniversary adventure on the aerial ropes course.

032 0352013-10-0342013-10-035

saturday: happy birthday to my dad! we got donuts to share for his birthday treat.053

and a smaller skinny of micah and his elephant being silly at the dentist office. we had to get his dark front tooth checked out that he bonked the week before, falling off his chair. nothing concerning discovered!


and some instagrams for the week:

a new chore for micah – putting away his own laundry.006

just when I think I should put a toy away because they never use it anymore…008

just a friendly family uno game.010

layla was ecstatic that her new AG catalog FINALLY came in the mail.022

project life sighting IN our local ben franklin store!! EEK!048

and, just more new ways to torment the dog. nice wig, ginger.060

and that’s our week!

book shots will be added eventually.

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