Monday, April 22, 2013

week 16 in pictures

sunday: big fat cake pop disaster. I had been dreading making these because I was pretty sure this is how it was going to turn out. confirmed. after a couple failed attempts, I threw all the rest into the freezer and left them there a few days while I simmered down. then I returned to them, frozen, and managed to get them all covered in melted candy and sprinkles without too much disaster. they did not, however, look attractive AT ALL.050

also sunday: that afternoon, micah suddenly spiked this crazy fever. he said his throat hurt, and his fever just kept creeping up and up and up. it topped out around 104. layla made him this lovely nest on the couch, where he slept most of the evening. (strangely enough, he woke up the next morning, healthy as a horse. no fever, no sore throat, ready to take on the day.)055

monday: dry day in april = quick! mow the lawn!060

some unidentified day of the week: layla’s birthday wish list. her #1 item is always the same. always. 065

thursday: shane and friend ready to go demolish some shrubs and blackberries in the forest… tractor, weed whacker, machete, axes… good times.006

friday: in the same way that layla’s go-to problem solving medium is paper, micah’s is tinkertoys. the boy will make anything out of them. the latest creations are a steering wheel and a pogo stick.2013-04-221

saturday: toothless vampire layla. the right one came out a couple of weeks ago. the left she yanked out that morning. we’re up to 8 lost teeth now.004

and some skinnies:

1) micah, on monday morning. dressed, happy, and chasing a balloon. no sign of the previous evening’s illness.

2) my tolt pipeline run on tuesday.

056 066

book shots:

I got the first half’s worth of pictures back today with last week’s, so I put it together and took a pic when I had the book out to photograph last week’s. more to be added later.


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  1. I actually loved seeing your finished page, hope to see more.



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