Sunday, January 6, 2013


before our trip to california, dave’s mom had told us that there was an outdoor skating rink in elk grove for the holidays. EXCITING! many of you will be appalled by this, but neither of my younger two children have EVER been on the ice, and shane has been MAYBE 3 times. I know! it’s really sad, considering I spent my entire adolescence in an ice rink!

the biggest problem for me, is my skates. they are… um… well, let’s just say they’re a couple of decades old. back in the day, they were really nice, top of the line, custom-made harlicks. now, 3 kids (and a lot of years of wearing birkenstocks) later, they are a LOT too small for me. and of course, I’m not going to wear rental skates. every non-skater I know thinks this is crazy, but SKATERS, you understand, right?

at any rate, for this occasion a (quite literally) SHOVED my feet into my skates and took my family skating!

shane, having been before, did great, aside from a wobbly right skate, and managed to stay on his feet the whole time. layla, took to it a little too well, for it being her first time. she LOVED it. had a smile on her face the WHOLE time. didn’t care a bit about falling down and getting her pants wet, she was back up and going in seconds. she was fast. she was trying to skate backwards and do little turns. HELP! micah… well, I neglected to think about the fact that micah absolutely HATES to get wet. he freaks out if his hands are wet, and if his clothes get wet, it’s the end of the world… yeah… skating may not be a good match for him! but, aside from world-is-ending hysteria each and every time he fell down, he plugged away, and even (I think) had a good time. they had some orange buckets and traffic cones on the ice that kids could use to push around, and he liked that a lot.437439441442449455459462465466

my feet were completely numb by the time we were done, and my toes and ankles hurt for hours afterwards. I miss skating so much, and I’d love to be able to go and take my kids more often.

anyone want to contribute to my “new skates fund”?



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