Tuesday, January 22, 2013

best day off

yesterday was MLK day. shane was off school, layla doesn’t go to school, and micah goes to school on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursday. so, since shane didn’t have school, that means that layla was going to get in on that. so, after a lazy morning, I dropped shane off at susie’s house to help with some work, and I took the youngers to ben franklin to acquire some more ‘melty beads’. layla had just discovered these, after getting a small ornament kit from my aunt marge for christmas. so we got ourselves a bucket of them with some ‘pet patterns’ and they set to work.

they started on them around 12:30 and were still going when I had to make them clear the table off so we could eat dinner at 6:30. WOW. 007009

this is what they got made during the day. micah made the brown dog… the rest are layla’s.003

at some point, I got the idea to make a pacman and some ghosts. (micah is currently obsessed with pacman, so he got a big kick out of this.)002

after dinner, he got out his blocks and made this:004

my day was made even better by the discovery of “the brady bunch” on the hallmark channel. my kids (who have been, thus far, in the dark about “the brady bunch”) thought it was hilarious, and have been asking to watch more ever since. biggest bonus about that, was that one of the episodes we saw was the famous humphrey bogart voice “pork chops and applesauce” episode!

after that, “happy days” came on and I thought shane was going to fall off the couch, laughing.

kind of silly, but totally one of my best days!

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