Sunday, October 21, 2012

the pumpkin patch!

so, we did that good family thing that you’re supposed to do in the fall in order to get your halloween pumpkins instead of buying them at the grocery store.

we went to the pumpkin patch! it was actually a lot of fun, aside from some rain, mud, wind, and nearly freezing to death.

shane was SO not into this… but there were 3 holes. he didn’t have a choice! haha.148

there were a few animals to look at.151154

we did the corn maze. had to take pics to show how tall it was. seriously. corn doesn’t look that tall until you get someone up next to it. I’m thinking it was pushing 9 feet.155 156 

we did the kids’ maze. dave and shane are planning to go back and do the big one at night some time next weekend. this one had 5 stations with 5 different colored crayons that you used to color one of your fingertips. when you had found them all, had a very colorful hand, and had made it out of the maze, you had to find your color combination (the order of the colors on your fingers) and find the number that matched them. then the that number corresponded with a particular action that you had to perform. layla had to roar like a lion, dave had to blow raspberries, and I had to pull a rope like a mime. micah and shane didn’t want to do it.158

then we got on the hay ride to go over to the pumpkin patch. 162

and we wandered around, looking for just the right pumpkins.165

which we found. micah really wanted a green one. layla and shane both wanted HUGE pumpkins, I loved my little whitish/salmon colored one, and then there was a big pear shaped one that I loved too, so dave stuck that in the wheelbarrow as well. 166

shane, of course, was our designated wheelbarrower. the mud was crazy. layla actually got her boot stuck once on the way back to the hay ride.167

on board, with pumpkins and very muddy feet.169170 171

after purchasing our pumpkins, there was this huge tire swing that layla wanted to try. micah drove the squash truck while we waited in line.172

then we got some food, and finally hit the corn cannons before we left. we were SO cold at this point.173174

our fireplace and hot chocolate was calling, so we called it a day and headed home with our pumpkins.

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