Thursday, October 18, 2012

strep throat

is so much fun.


weirdest thing. I woke up totally fine on sunday. went to church, came home, ate lunch, played uno. fell asleep on the couch. for 2 hours. woke up with a terrible sore throat! what the? so I tried drinking some water, cough drops, weak tea with honey and lemon… nothing helped. in fact the cough drops made it worse because I just had to swallow more.

I went to bed and hoped I’d feel better in the morning.

when the alarm went off monday morning, I was wishing for death. OMG, it hurt so bad. I wanted to cry. I croaked around, waking up my kids, threw lunches together, etc., knowing that the second the kids were dropped off, I was heading straight for urgent care. do not pass go. do not collect $200. the only other time I’ve had a sore throat like this was in december of 04 when I had strep. oh yay.

you know how bad it was? I carried a cup around with me to spit into, just so I wouldn’t have to swallow.

the time in 04 is the only other time I’ve been compelled to do that.

at any rate, I got in, I croaked out the situation to the nurse, who swabbed my throat.


and then the doctor came in, looked in my throat, and said, “WOW! Now I see why you came in today.” apparently my throat was quite inflamed.

so I was sent to the pharmacy, and instructed to eat soft foods.

I did.

I spent the rest of the day wanting to die.

dave was awesome and left work early to pick up the kids from school so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere.

thankfully, I felt a little (but SO significantly) better the next day.

and yes, it was strep. waiting to see if anyone else gets it now…

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