Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the wedding!!

the house:481091_3736875413317_1495685531_n

mother and father of the groom:306584_3736875733325_134585445_n

saying “I do!”575611_3736876933355_1878643272_n

the did it!165981_3497419957634_169376073_n


gary payton:406057_3736879093409_160878068_n


me – no, those aren’t my fabulous shoes. I’d ditched them by that point, but there were flip flops in all sizes for guests to switch into!034

me and my handsome date – (I hate iphone flashes).037

photo booth pics: SO MUCH FUN!!!! awesome idea.044

dinner was yummy. I discovered that I LOVE horseradish! especially with shrimp.457078_3493786466799_1575886170_o

the cake, nestled in with the ‘candy bar’. all sorts of candies, all in black and white.399244_3736879893429_1322143198_n

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