Tuesday, May 22, 2012

first night!

so, on friday, we got the keys to our new house!!!!054

we couldn’t go there until dave got home, and then he did some prep for moving day at the old house. 044the climber and the trampoline had to be taken apart so they could go on the truck the next day.045

then after dinner, we loaded up ‘camping’ gear and headed over for our first night! it was VERY exciting. the kids were all about their OWN new rooms, the pets were confused, the parents were giddy!

050 - Copylayla, peeking out of her bedroom.

048 - Copyshane and toby, getting acclimated in the master closet (for some good reason, I’m sure).

049 - Copydave had emptied all the closets into the van, so we all got busy hanging our clothes up in our new closets.

056 - Copydave, making use of the in-door ice and water dispenser… one of the things he was most looking forward to in the new house!

059 - Copytoby, settling in on shane’s ‘bed’.

062 - Copyginger got quite clingy and would not get out of my face, while I was listening to layla read bedtime stories.

066 - Copyeventually we were all ‘comfortably’ settled where we needed to be. the kids all stayed in their own rooms that night, as did the pets (well, toby stays with shane, ginger stays with us). dave and I were sleeping on the awesome self-deflating air mattress, and could feel the floor by midnight. not exactly awesome, but worth it nonetheless!

it was a fun, exciting first night in our new home!

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