Monday, March 12, 2012

ginger update

so, this is our third day with ginger in our family, and things are going great! everyone is quite in love with her. she has not tried to run away at all, and really just seems to want to stay close to us. I was a little bit worried, that if she got out the front door, she would try to make a break for it and head back over to george’s, but she keeps her eyes on me. even if she goes sniffing around in the yard or to go potty, she always comes right back to me. at home, she follows me around. it’s pretty cute. she slept next to our bed last night. one major difference between her and sophie is that she is light in color, and doesn’t blend into the dark carpet – making her much less likely to get stepped on in the dark!

she and toby seem to have some sort of established understanding… she doesn’t chase him, he doesn’t run away from her, they just seem to keep their distance. I can tell that toby is a little miffed at her presence, and is probably just hoping she’ll go away soon, but they seem to mutually tolerate each other.

she is very affectionate. wants lovin’ all the time! she’ll come up and lean against you so you’ll pet her. stick her nose in your lap so you’ll pet her.

the only ‘bad’ thing she’s done so far is take a nap on the couch. not the end of the world, but I’d prefer she didn’t get on the furniture. so last night we put the coffee table up on the couch to keep her off of it.

I will also say that I have not heard her bark or whine once. not once. when she wants to come back inside, she politely taps on the glass door. sometimes she makes little growling noises when she sleeps.

this morning, we took her to the bus stop with us. she was all happy when we got the leash out. on the way back, she was pulling toward the driveway to george’s house, but when we didn’t go that way, she just kept walking with us. poor girl.

but really, she is just a wonderful dog. super-awesome, wonderful. we just love her!

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