Wednesday, February 29, 2012

project life–february 2012

week 5 (part 2):016 this is the second half of the week. the 1st was on wednesday, so the split worked out well. when I don’t have a picture for a particular day, I usually have one of the kids (micah or layla – I asked shane, but he was not interested) will draw me a picture on a 4x6 card to fill the slot. sometimes I journal something about it, sometimes I just stick a filler card there. this week, the big event was layla getting her casts. I had a lot of pictures from that, and a lot of words to tell about it. so I used a small pic of her w/ the casts in the small slot for the day, and included a 8x10 collage. the big slot for the day has one of the big journaling cards (not folded) w/ arrows pointing both to the little picture, and the collage.

week 6:017018 this week, it seemed like there were a lot of days that had multiple pictures of a single event. when this is the case, and I don’t want to just include 1, I make a small 4x6 collage of all of them and use that instead. I also have a drawing of micah’s this week.

week 7:019 this is what a totally straight forward, nothing extra spread looks like. a picture and a corresponding journaling card for each day. this is basic PL.

week 8:020021 layla got 100% on her spelling test this week, so I included that as well.

week 9:022 the first half of this week is february, the second half is march. another pretty straight forward week, although I shuffled things around a bit. I’m pretty compulsive about the chronology of it all, but I didn’t have a picture for either tuesday or friday. it also just so happened, that I had 2 different ones I wanted to use for both thursday and saturday… you get the idea. since the cards are all dated, you can tell that some are from the same day, and that’s okay! that’s the wonderful flexibility of the organization behind PL!

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