Thursday, October 13, 2011

orthopedics @ children’s

yesterday, I had to take layla out of school early so I could drop micah off at my parents’, run to her dr.’s office to pick up x-rays which were supposed to be ready and waiting for us, but weren’t, and head over to the brand, spankin’ new children’s hospital on the east side. why? because last week, her ankle decided to look like this again:003     so, with a  referral from her doctor (which I got to take her out of school early on monday to go see, without the foresight to drop off micah, which was less than fun as the appointment got longer and longer and longer…), we were heading to see a pediatric orthopedist.
first off, the building itself impressed me. second, the parking garage (which was FREE, btw!) gave me a big chuckle. I wanted to snap a picture, but didn’t have the chance, of the signs I encountered just past the entrance to the garage. but they looked something like this:
cracked me up. this is SO seattle! hahaha. so I navigated my gas guzzling minivan past those spots… the waiting area was awesome. there are crayons and coloring pages, plenty of tables and comfy couches, even a tv with a wii, and PRAISE GOD, a starbucks! (and yes, I realize that I am SO seattle as well.)
once in the exam room, layla did this:008    long story, short: the toe-walking is a problem (which is likely leading to her putting unnecessary stress on her ankle) that needs to be addressed, first with physical therapy, hopefully to retrain her to walk correctly, while also loosening up her VERY tight heel cords. hopefully.  
so, we get to go back on friday to start PT, and then probably twice a week after that. 012     we did stop and have a little warm treat on the way out the door. not a bad place to HAVE to go!

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  1. That Children's hospital is awesome. That's where The Boy had his tonsils out. They really figured out how to make a hospital not feel like a hospital at all.



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