Thursday, June 16, 2011

to do

we’re leaving tomorrow, noonish, as soon as layla is out of school, for california. I have a few things to do.

  • return library books
  • laundry
  • finish packing kids
  • pack for myself
  • gather toiletries
  • water indoor plants
  • water garden
  • have shane mow the lawn
  • update project life
  • charge camera battery
  • gas in the van
  • dry apricots/apples
  • wash grapes
  • cut up veggies for snacks in the car
  • check fridge for yucky stuff
  • gather bags of stuff for kids in the car
  • pick up library books which will hopefully be in before we leave
  • tidy up
  • pack lunches for the car
  • load car
  • drop off gift for layla’s teacher
  • dishes…
  • probably lots more…

can’t wait to get there and enjoy some sun and warm weather and lots of family!!!

1 comment:

  1. hope you got it all done! Have a great time!



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