Monday, June 27, 2011

project life–week 25

this is a VERY full week!

the spread:023

the first half:024    it’s so hard to choose just one pic! sunday’s is all the girls with the duck farts. monday’s is a 3 part collage of micah counting to “fifty” before jumping in the pool. tuesday’s is our whole group at the golden gate bridge.

the second half:030    wednesday is a small collage of dave, nolan and I at the giants game. thursday is the kids at feickert park. friday is just a cute shot of my boys sleeping (and the cat’s tail). saturday is our selfie while riding the train in old sac.

(lots of) extras:025    first off, this cracks me up, and if you have ever had or known a cat, you will appreciate this. they have a way of planting their butts in exactly the wrong spot. the cat I had in college used to lay down in the middle of my (very heavy) “complete works of shakespeare” book while I was trying to read. anyway, these are sunday’s pics.

monday’s and the first part of tuesday’s:026

the second half of tuesday’s (there were too many to fit on one collage and still be able to see what they were) and wednesday’s:027

thursday’s and friday’s:028

and finally saturday’s:029

seriously, week 25 is a FAT week!


  1. Is the book filling up too quick? Now that she is selling all the parts separately it might not be a bad idea to get a second album if you start overflowing. I know that there are a LOT of people that are already into their second book.

  2. well, i think the biggest problem is all the artwork and stuff i've put in. notice, i'm not using as much of that. now that i have the binders going for the kids' work, i think i may transfer some of that stuff out of there. i could get another binder, but i'd want it to match this one, not one of the ones i'm using for a different year, so unless she's selling this red one again, i think i'll just get a regular scrapbook binder if it gets too full.



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