Sunday, May 8, 2011

weeks 17 and 18 in pictures

easter sunday:011

the kids dressed up. shane thought it was torture that I made him wear khakis, but I was thrilled that layla got two years out of this dress!

and then I made a 8x10 collage our little gathering that afternoon w/ my parents.2011-04-24

monday: 028

layla got a hula hoop ‘in’ her easter basket, of course, shane had to try it out. he’s pretty good.


micah got a watering can in his easter basket, and was going around pretending to water stuff. layla did some quick thinking and ran to grab the remains of her ‘flower’ costume from two halloweens ago. hilarious!


wednesday morning, micah and I walked layla to the bus, then walked back and discovered that we were locked out. I hadn’t even brought my phone. so I spent the morning across the street at my VERY kind neighbors’ house attempting to call people (I don’t know ANYONE’s phone numbers). I called dave (who thought I was a prank caller) and he eventually was able to get ahold of one of the landlords who came and let me in. at any rate, I spent the rest of the morning having spare keys made!


I caught these two snuggled up looking through a library book about dogs together!


hello florida!!! we arrived late in the evening. these are the 7 ladies who went along. and then there were ‘the babies’, AKA, my niece melissa and her friend.


this is what was going on back home. layla had tball, then they went to home depot and bought a new lawn mower, and some paint. dave surprised me by painting our bedroom while I was away. layla fell asleep in the chair w/ toby and stayed put for like 2.5 hours.


I was living it up in paradise! loving the beach and the warm weather. OH MY!


so I guess the weather was nice here too… dave took the kids to the park, let them help him paint closet doors, and conspired with layla to leave a may day ‘flower’ for a neighbor who would not go inside!


another beach adventure for us, as well as a trip into downtown ft. myers at night to find a place to do some partying.


layla at the bus stop. guess the nice weather didn’t last. dave sent me this picture while I was on the beach. it was hard to feel sorry for him. Winking smile 


we headed over to sanibel island, and burnt ourselves crispy at yet another beach. tina, who had been there before, said we HAD to have lunch at ‘cheeburger cheeburger’, and it was SO yummy. after stuffing ourselves, we did some souvenir shopping, then headed back and FINALLY checked out one of the pools in the complex.


my SIL mary and me, just before I had to leave for the airport. sniff sniff…


the weather was kind enough to be nice for me back at home my first day back to reality. I don’t think I could have handled rain. micah and layla enjoyed a popsicle on the back deck in the sun.


after watching shane practice his trumpet, micah decided he needed to, too!


micah had been eating his raisin bran like a dog, and when I tried to take a picture, he got all mad and told me he wouldn’t do it anymore because he didn’t want me to take a picture. he was in a MOOD that day. wound up taking a nap. shane spent the day helping my dad w/ a plant sale at the church, which turned into helping the custodian empty garbage cans and haul stuff and other such stuff that shane LOVES, he also became a human jungle gym for the preschool kids. I may have him write a little description of is day, if he’ll oblige me.


I have no picture. boo. layla had tball, followed by team pictures, the base-a-thon, and attempting to drop her coach in the dunk tank. I had left my camera in the car and tried to take some pics w/ dave’s iphone. they all turned out terrible, so I think I’ll have her draw something for saturday.

so THERE are my last two weeks!

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