Friday, April 22, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #9 – accessories

okay, this is something I’m not very good at. I’m trying to get better. I’ve always had a minimalist approach to dressing. if it doesn’t serve a purpose, why put it on? well, I’m slowly coming to terms with the idea that accessories may serve a purpose, even if they don’t cover a limb.

first picture – ‘formal’ bags:050

  1. tiny black bag (???): I think this bag is fun, but you really have to be traveling light. it’s covered in big black sequins.
  2. pink silk bag (farmer’s market): I LOVE this bag. get comments on it every time I carry it. it’s made out of kimono fabric, and lined with green. it’s big enough for a couple things, but not many.
  3. red clutch (target): I got this to use with the black dress featured yesterday. it’s tiny, so again, light packing. layla is obsessed with this bag. even if I never use it again, I’ll save it for her to use.

second picture – ghosts of purses past:051

  1. blue hobo bag (old navy): I really love this purse. I love the rainbow stitching, I love the big dumpy shape of it. but the snap on the inside is ripping out of the fabric. maybe I can fix it? I don’t know. it should probably be on it’s way, but I love it.
  2. black messenger-type bag (old navy): I really don’t like this bag. I don’t know why I still have it, other than it’s the only black one I’ve got. I suppose that’s not a good reason. every time I use it, I remember why I don’t use it very often.
  3. navy flowered purse (ross): this purse has served me well for many years, but I’m really just sick of it. probably time to pass it on.
  4. small brown corduroy purse (target): this is the last of the small purses! for years, I’ve had to carry a purse that was small enough to fit in a diaper bag, yet big enough to carry the stuff I want in a purse. well, with the diaper bag no longer an issue, I have graduated to bigger (and better, hopefully) purses! this bag is cute, but the zipper pull broke and I’m just done with it. time for it to go.

third picture – belts:


  1. white grommet belt (walmart): I like thick belts, but I have a lot of trouble finding ones that work for me. they have to be really flexible. something about my body shape causes me to be unable to wear most belts that are thicker than about an inch without it sticking out about 3 inches in the back, and thus pulling my pants out with it. not a good look. I found this one, and because it’s fabric, it’s more flexible and does not cause that problem.
  2. striped grommet belt (walmart): practically identical to the white one. I actually think I got this one first and liked it so much I went back and bought the white one.
  3. skinny striped D-ring belt (old navy): I have no idea why I have this belt. it’s too skinny to be functional for much of anything. gone.
  4. brown leather belt (???): I’m not really sure how this belt came to be in my possession, but I’m glad it did. it is SO soft and pliable. I wish I had one a little thicker and in several different colors.

fourth picture – scarfs:


  1. black sparkly scarf (target): I really like this scarf. it’s actually knitted in a fancy lace pattern (not by hand, of course) but you can’t see it unless you spread it out and look. I like this scarf when I need a bit of bling to add to an outfit.
  2. orangeish flower/pineapple scarf (ross): I don’t have anything this scarf goes with, and it has pineapples on it. unless someone can come up with some good reason why I should keep this, it’s on its way out.

lessons from this installment:

I should probably stop hanging onto purses that I no longer use. I have one right now that I LOVE, but I might need a more summery one.

I would like more belts which are more fashionable, but those are hard to come by (at least ones that actually suit me right). maybe I could even attempt a belt over a shirt! that would be revolutionary (and strangely reminiscent of the 80’s). hey, I’m trying new things here! tired of being stuck in a rut, which is the point of this whole exercise.

scarfs. I want more scarfs. but cute ones… not ugly ones with pineapples on them! 

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