Tuesday, April 19, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #6 - pants, etc…

I don’t have a ton here, so I’m combining long pants and shorter pants.

you’ll notice a definite theme here. almost all of my pants come from a thrift store. while I’m a sucker for saving money, I have actually found this to be the best place to find pants. I have a REALLY hard time finding pants that fit me well. I don’t know what it is. part of it is because I’m short, but I also seem to have an unusually small waist as compared to the size of areas further south. at any rate, shopping for pants can be a less than fun experience. with a thrift store, you have a TON of selection of different brands, styles, etc. I’m very selective and only bother looking at pants that look ‘new’, and like something I would actually wear. if it fits but I hate it, it’s no good, obviously. I’ve also learned to only bother trying on pants that are marked ‘petite’, ‘short’, or ‘ankle’. I am SO done walking on my pant legs. the whole torn up cuff thing is staying in my past where it belongs. in a typical shopping trip, I might try on 30 pairs of pants. if I’m lucky, 3 or 4 will fit right. so there you go.

first picture:028

  1. jeans (old navy – via thrift store): this particular style is “the flirt”. not really what I’m thinking about when I’m wearing them, but whatever, they fit. these are my ‘every day’ jeans, as shown by the fact that my belt is still in them. they are comfy. not too dark, not too light, just a good pair of jeans. the only problem I have with them is the small amount of stretch to them. it’s fine, until I’ve worn them a few days and then I need to wash and dry them to get back into shape.
  2. green corduroy pants (old navy – via thrift store): I mostly like these pants. it’s nice to have something different from jeans, but this is a really hard color to match stuff to. black, white, gray? I don’t know.
  3. whiskered jeans (gap – via thrift store): these are not my favorite jeans, but I don’t hate them. the only thing I really don’t like about them is that the legs are a little more flaired than I like. kinda feels like I’m wearing bell-bottoms. maybe I’ll turn these into shorts.

second picture:048

  1. dark bootcut jeans (gap – via thrift store): these are my ‘good’ jeans. I wear these ‘out’ or for church, or something other than just staying home.
  2. flat front khakis (ann taylor – via thrift store): these are a nice pair of pants. not quite dress pants, but not excessively casual either. they’re a little stretchy.

third picture:049

  1. khaki cargo capris (old navy – via garage sale): I break these out every summer, and live in them. I like that they aren’t too long (a frequent problem for short people – capris that are too long are just short pants and that’s just stupid), but they’re technically at least a size too big, and the waist is SO much too big they fall off if I don’t wear a belt. they’re also wearing out, so it’s probably time they go. these are such a staple of my summer wardrobe, I totally need to get something similar to replace them.
  2. plaid bermuda shorts (walmart): I LOVE these shorts. I was skeptical about plaid shorts, but I love them and I love the way they fit. these are the only kind of shorts I will wear. they come just about to my knee and I WILL NOT wear shorts shorter than that. they are fabulous and I wish I had 50 pairs. the end.
  3. embroidered capris (gap – via thrift store): I like these, but they’re hard to find something to match them. they look decent with the green tank top I’m getting rid of… hmmm.

I have several other pairs of jeans and khakis that I inherited from mary. most are too long. I need to hem them. I’m considering making some of them into capris or shorts. still thinking. need to get the sewing machine from my mom.

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