Monday, February 28, 2011

project life–week 8

alrighty, here we go again with another installment of my progress on project life, and my family’s progress through 2011… they go hand in hand,you know.

the start of the week is pretty typical:012

the end of the week is pretty typical too:013

on friday, I met a dear, DEAR friend of mine, margaret, and her husband for lunch. by dear, DEAR, I mean we shared a preschool classroom for 4 years, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and she was my upline consultant during the two years I tried to pretend I was good at selling stuff, but really just bought myself a bunch of creative memories supplies. at any rate, we haven’t seen each other in a few years (as in, she’s never met micah) and it was SO great to get together. of course, the reason we were getting together is because I somehow managed to run out of page protectors that fit the old size 12x12 creative memories pages. of course they don’t sell them anymore, so I had to crawl pathetically to her, hoping she could come through. she did, of course, and I bought 5 packages! I brought my camera and everything, knowing that a picture of her and I together was exactly what I wanted to be able to stick in the friday slot for this week. of course, I forgot to do it. oh well.

saturday, we took another trip south to visit kat and cole. as usual, it was a blast and there was much inappropriate conversation about body functions and such. I think there was a little wine involved too… so I have a collage from that for saturday. of course, there was more to be included than would functionally fit on a 4x6 print, so I decided to make a 8x10 collage of our ‘discussion of proper toilet paper protocol and wiping technique’ adventure.


I had been thinking about how to handle the ‘other’ pictures that I take throughout the week. if I take 10 pictures at the park or a party or something like that, it’s easy; I make a collage of it and use that as the POTD. but some days I take 10 pictures of completely isolated events. just stuff that happens around here.  or some days I do that AND we go to the park or a party… you get the idea.  it’s usually pretty easy to decide what the POTD should be, but what do I do with the rest? I take them. I have them. they’re here on my computer. what what should I do with them? no, not everything needs to be printed, or documented, or displayed, etc. but a lot of them are significant to our lives. or maybe they’re funny. or maybe they’re just cute. or maybe they’re just not quite as significant as the one I chose for the POTD. what then?

so I decided to go ahead and start making collages of some of those ‘other’ pictures. I’m doing 8x10’s that I can mount on scrapbooking paper and stick in 8.5x11 page protectors. (honestly, I only chose this size because I happen to have a costco box of page protectors, and costco prints 8x10 – there really wasn’t any artistically inspired decision making here.) 016

I really, really like this idea. so I went back to the beginning of the year and started making collages of the ‘other’ pictures from each week. sometimes, I would have enough pictures to make two collages – one for each side of what would be that new page. like this particular week when I had a ton of photos of the kids attacking dave on the couch. there’s no way I could have picked one, and I already had a POTD, so I just made it into a collage of all the best ones of that:020021

other weeks only had enough for one side:019023024

so, for the backs of those pages, I included some of the kids’ art work that happened to be from that week:022018

other weeks, I didn’t have art work (shocking!) and there was already other stuff added to that week, so the paper I used to mount the 8x10 was one of the 2 sided cardstock that is included in the project life kit. that way it looks pretty:027028

and one week, I put in a letter that my niece, lily, sent to layla. I am really afraid these letters will get lost somehow, and I REALLY want them to have them when they are grown up and see what sweet cousins they were when they were little kids. so this seemed like the perfect place to keep it safe, as well as include it during the week when layla received it:025026

so that’s week 8.  AND my most recent additions. I was having other thoughts about different things I could add, but mary’s recent post has me thinking I should not be too eager to pack it full!

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  1. So, I have to say that I LOVE the idea of saving the letters. Totally doing it now. I distinctly remember how much fun it was to go back through my stuff and read the letters that Amy and I wrote each other while we were kids. So fun to see the things we said and the stuff we thought was important enough to include in a letter going around the world. :)
    As far as overstuffing...I would add everything that you want to in and then move stuff to a new binder if you have to. I love the extras that I put in and wish I had done more last year. I am probably going to swap out my binder to multiples. I had also decided that as I have time I would still like to do the occasional "traditional" scrapbooked page and am going to put those in too.



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