Saturday, February 5, 2011

my personal shopper

today, my family and I were in jcpenney getting our family pictures retaken (since certain little boys refused to smile last week). earlier, I had been asking dave if he knew what he was going to wear to amy’s wedding this weekend, and mentioned that I had no idea what I was going to wear. while we were waiting for our appointment, he suddenly said, “you stay here with the boys. I’m going to take layla to do something real quick.” so they disappeared for a little bit and came back with a dress on a hanger. “layla picked this out for you to wear to the wedding. do you like it? if not, you can go pick something else out after we get our pictures taken.” it looked like a nice dress to me, and it appeared to be the right size. and, he said that it was 50% off because they were having a doorbuster sale that lasted until 1:00. awesome, except our appointment was at 12:40 and there was no way I’d be able to go look at and try on dresses by then. so, on a whim, I said, “just buy it. who knows, it may actually work.” so he did.

we got our pictures taken and headed upstairs where I tried on the already purchased dress.

it fit perfectly.

I can’t believe she just pulled this off the rack!

I love it.

don’t you?


and btw, as I was walking around in the dress department, I was totally wishing I had a good reason to wear dresses on a regular basis. SO MANY CUTE DRESSES!

now I just need shoes… and maybe a bag… and jewelry…

okay, I’ll stop now.

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