Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my little genius

okay, just to warn you, proud mama about to brag. a lot.

micah surprised me this afternoon. I wasn’t paying close attention to what he was doing, until he suddenly said:

“mommy, I write my letters!”

I look at him, and sure enough, there he was on the floor, with a pen and a piece of paper, and he points to it:

“see? T. E. I.”

I about fell over. then I about cried.

then he says,

“I’m gonna write more letters. H. H. H. H. I. I. I. I.”


oh! I love this kid.

no one TAUGHT him how to write letters. a month or so ago, I thought it would be fun to teach him to write his name, or at least make an M. nothing. he just scribbled. I figured his fine motor skills or interest was just not there yet. no biggie. he’s 3.

really, up until now, he’s not done a lot in the drawing/writing department. about a month ago, he suddenly drew a bunch of smiley faces on a piece of paper. but other than that, not much that is recognizable as anything.

and then this.

oh, and btw, he did them left to right as well.

a very ferklempt moment for this mommy!

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