Thursday, February 10, 2011

just call me cinder*bleepin*rella!

hopefully you recognize that as a pretty woman reference, and don’t just think I’m being profane.

I know I should be packing and cleaning and tackling all of the 400 things on my to do list today, but I just have to take a quick break to write this down. I just had the most hilarious experience. I’m still chuckling.

about a year ago (give or take) one of my pearl earrings popped off its post. I have no idea why. I just opened the box one day and instead of being attached, it was not. so I’ve been meaning to get it fixed for awhile, but I’m a procrastinator. this would require actually DOING something about it. or worse, making phone calls.

dave and I are leaving tomorrow at o dark thirty for california, and I really wanted to be able to wear my pearl necklace (and earrings) to the wedding.

so I bit the bullet this morning, and called marci jewelry in bellevue, because that’s where the box says they’re from. (they were a graduation present a million years ago, which is why I have to rely on the box to tell me where they’re from.) so I called and explained the situation to the guy on the phone. he said he could fix them. he could fix them on the spot. and it would be FREE, because they were from that store.

seriously. why do I do this. so many times, when I get around to doing something I should have done years ago, it’s the most painless experience EVER, and I can’t figure out why I’ve been putting it off. some day I’ll learn, right?

so anyway, I grabbed the earrings, and micah, and jumped in the car to drive off to bellevue and get this taken care of before layla got out of school.

this is where it gets funny.

I parked my dirty minivan in the parking lot, grabbed micah and walked in.

I immediately felt underdressed.

severely underdressed.

so there I am, with my 3 year old, feeling very much like julia roberts in pretty woman when she goes into the first shop on rodeo drive.

well, except for the being dressed like a hooker part. unless hookers now wear warm up pants and ratty old college sweatshirts.

it’s not even that I was not looking up to snuff for bellevue jewelry store standards. I’m not even looking good for ME, and I don’t have very high standards! my jeans are all in the wash, I grabbed a sweatshirt out of the clean laundry pile that is on my bed. it happened to be oldest sweatshirt I own. it has holes and paint and numerous coffee stains on it. I washed my hair in a hurry this morning, before taking shane to band, and never got around to drying it. I did manage to put a bobby pin in it to keep my bangs out of my face, but that’s as much ‘personal grooming’ as I did this morning.

so I walk in and there’s a receptionist! I’ve never been in a store of any kind that has a receptionist! this lovely young woman was obviously well-dressed and well-groomed, and had more makeup on her face than I have collectively worn in my entire life! I had to chuckle. there was little else I could do.

BUT, she was very nice. she helped me right away, asked me how old micah was, asked me about my other children, etc. of course, my appearance has probably cured her of any desire she may have had to have her own children… the man, named john, whom I had talked to on the phone, was also very nice, and took care of my earrings right away. on the phone, he had said that I may have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for the glue to set, but instead, he brought them out to me, set in the box, and just told me not to wear them for 24 hours. I was in and out of there in 5 minutes.

I can’t help but wonder if they were so speedy because they didn’t want me in there any longer than absolutely necessary! LOL!

but based on my experience, how friendly they were, etc., I can definitely say that, should I ever happen to find myself in possession of enough money to afford anything in their store, I will definitely go back! I’ll just make sure to dress and groom myself appropriately!

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