Friday, August 27, 2010

vacation–day 9 (tuesday, august 17)

tuesday was SUPER exciting! sadly, we had to say goodbye to nana. but before we took her to the train station, we had some fun in old sac. we did a lot of window shopping, exploring, and other fun stuff.CA trip 140the sign in this jewelry shop just screamed for me to take its picture. the horrendousness of the punctuation had me falling over laughing, and reaching for my camera… and, of course, we had to get some salt-water taffy out of the huge barrels! yum – and besides, it’s a tradition!                  CA trip 141IMG_0891CA trip 142CA trip 143then we got to go to one of MY favorite places! I feel a little bit silly about how excited I get over stuff like this. but I can’t help it. I LOVE trains. LOVE THEM! especially old trains. places like this make me wish I could go back in time and travel by rail across the country. back in the heyday of the railroads… pulled by a steam locomotive… CA trip 144I took a ridiculous amount of pictures at the museum. fortunately for you, a lot of them turned out dark, so I won’t post every single picture of every single train, or wheel, or tool…CA trip 146CA trip 150CA trip 165  in a box car, even our group looks small!IMG_0912and then there was the display of toy and model trains!CA trip 186CA trip 185CA trip 197CA trip 198

so much fun! the kids could have stayed there and played all day! (me too!)

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