Wednesday, August 25, 2010

callin’ myself out. (mary helped)

okay, I admit it. I’ve been bad. really bad. my blogger mojo is all used up on the other site and I’ve not done ANYTHING over here at all. blech…

we got back from our 2 week vacation on sunday, late morning.

we had a great trip. really. no car trouble, no sickness, no real incidents whatsoever! don’t think we could have asked for more.

not only was this our annual trip to EG to visit gramma and papa, we had the ‘rare’ (and depressing that it is so rare) pleasure of hanging with the illdaps at the same time. it was SO great to see the cousins playing together. layla and lily were babies together, and it just kills me that they hadn’t seen each other in over 2 years! jacob was a toddler and hannah, an infant when we last saw them. it was also so exciting to meet our newest nephew, matthew, IN person, while he’s still so little. it was crazy, but by the time our two weeks was over, he was a completely different baby. it’s just amazing how fast they change when they’re that little. you usually don’t get to experience that with other people’s kids!

we did lots of swimming in gramma and papa’s ‘new’ pool, visited with family, went to a fair, a baseball game, fairyland, and other things that are escaping me at the moment…

oh, and in-n-out burger, of course.

mary’s doing day by day posts… I might have to do that too, just so I can remember what we did!

pics to come soon!

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