Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mom birthdays

well, it’s my birthday today. it’s been a bit of an odd day, nothing too exciting, but really, that’s okay. big shindigs and the like make me feel flustered and stressed, so this will do just fine. REALLY!

to start with, God gave me an absolutely gorgeous day. it’s warm, sunny, pleasant. perfect. nothing can lift my spirits like a sunny day!

I had the pleasure of being awakened this morning, by my wonderful husband, starbucks cup in hand, at 5:40. YES, I did want to get up then! I then got to sit in a pleasantly quiet house while I drank my coffee and read my bible… (I like to think of this time as ‘having coffee with God!’ Winking smile a date I try to keep every morning.)

after that, I had to make some rolls and soup for a mom in the MOMS club who has a new baby. I signed up to make a meal, and my turn fell on today. so I set my bread machine to mixing, and I started the soup. I made a triple batch, so I had kim’s dinner, our dinner for tonight, and a batch in the freezer for another time. I LOVE cooking in bulk. it felt a little bit odd to be making white chicken chili at 7 in the morning, but it comes with the added bonus of having to do nothing this evening, but put a pot on the stove!

after that, I spent some time organizing medical supplies like bandaids and ointments and such, and then moved on to the kitchen medicine cabinet. a weird thing to do on one’s birthday, but I’m kind of random like that. I needed to put a bandaid on a nasty mosquito bite micah had, had to dig through 5 half-empty bandaid boxes, and a tub full of random tubes of ointments and lotions and stuff just to find the right size bandaid and some neosporin. this inspired me to solve that problem. so I got rid of all the stuff that isn’t ‘medically’ related, tossed sunscreen bottles that are like 5+ years old, bandaid wrappers that got left in there (ahem), etc. I put ALL the bandaids in a big ziplock, ALL the ointments (hydrocortizone, benadryl, neosporin, etc) in a smaller ziplock, so they’re all together and don’t require digging through a HUGE bin full of junk. I put them, along w/ some bottles of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, bug spray, and sunscreen in a smaller bin. YAY!

of course, I pulled a couple of thermometers (“peppershirts”) out of the bin, and thought it didn’t make a ton of sense to keep those there. I should keep them up with the tylenol and that stuff. of course, that was a mess too, so I had to organize it as well. so DAVE, so you know, the thermometers are now located in the big ziplock that is full of ‘kid medicine’ up in the cupboard… if you should need them! Smile hopefully not anytime soon!

ANYWAY… from there, I made the kids lunch and took them to the park. it was toasty there!

so that brings us to now… shane is off w/ a neighbor, building or fixing something… layla is getting ready to go in the pool – after she does her ‘swimming exercises’ (whatever those are), and micah passed out on my lap, eating the rest of his sandwich.

think I’ll pour myself some more lemonade, grab my knitting, and go watch my daughter swim from the shade. aahhhh……


  1. Sounds like a fun afternoon! Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks. :)

  2. I think you wrote this post to early



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