Tuesday, April 20, 2010

meal plan… two days ago!

blah blah blah…

something happened last week. our meal plan kind of blew up. but that’s good news for this week because i can just transfer a lot of what we didn’t eat last week to this week!

  • sunday: burgers; oven fries; carrots (from last week)
  • monday: pancakes; bacon; fruit (from last week)
  • tuesday: chicken caesar salads
  • wednesday: leftover beef stew; sourdough
  • thursday: tater tot casserole (from last week)
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: soup; grilled cheese sandwiches

so basically, i don’t have to buy anything! well, that’s not true. i had to buy charcoal on sunday so we could grill the burgers. i could have just broiled them, but it was such a nice day it just seemed wrong! and we’re out of milk and coffee (GASP!) so i’ll have to make a costco run. but other than that, i think we’re good! which is awesome, because my grocery budget is kind of shot.

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