Wednesday, April 28, 2010

amazing feats in bad planning…

so i took a big risk yesterday, and was miraculously successful. i can only give credit to divine intervention, because normally, when i do this, i fail miserably.

i went grocery shopping…

without a list…

and no meal plan.


somehow or other, having left my list at home (it only had two items on it anyway), i managed to do my shopping, on the fly, with two of my kids in tow, and mentally pulled together a meal plan and bought everything i needed. WOW.

so, although we’re halfway through the week, i’ll post my meal plan anyway.

on saturday, dave and i were away all day at the christian heritage homeschool conference, and my plan from last week was to make the tater tot casserole that night… with the ground beef that i had forgotten to take out of the freezer that morning… so we wound up having a super healthy meal of mac&cheese w/ hot dogs. AND PEAS! i always feel better if we have a vegetable with it… like it counteracts the crap factor. that, and it’s organic mac&cheese! okay, yes, i’m just trying to make myself feel better here. so, the result of that, was that we had the tater tot casserole on sunday, and then our traditional sunday night breakfast for dinner was on monday. we had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. last night we had loaded baked potatoes. so, for the rest of the week,

  • wednesday: homemade mac & cheese w/ ham (out of the freezer); peas & corn
  • thursday: oven swiss steak; veggies; mashed potatoes
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: burgers; veggies; oven fries
  • sunday: french toast

so, in posting this now (as in, it’s written down and i can see it somewhere other than in my mind), i’m realizing that i will need to get another loaf of bread before sunday. and of course, i’ll need to get some eggs from angie.

*** funny, TRUE story: angie just showed up on my front porch with a dozen eggs! how hilarious is that!?!***

so anyway, it seems i’ve managed to pull it off for the most part! and, in case you picked up on it and were wondering, i did remember to get the 2 things that were on the list: peas and cheese. ;)

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