Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what word means the opposite of logic?

... oh yeah.  LAYLA!

3 year olds astound me on a regular basis, especially this one.  when leaving the NKCC this noonish, it had started raining which spawned layla's very favorite thing in the whole world: puddles!  so, while i was putting micah in the car, she stomped in them and got the bottom of her pants all wet.  as we were driving home (by way of the post office, but that's a whole different adventure) i heard this slurpy, sucky sound and i looked behind me to see layla SUCKING on her wet pant legs.  EEEWWW!!! what on earth would possess a person to do this?  can we say motor oil?  antifreeze?  bird poo?  dirt?  i hope she survives.  ::shudder::

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