Saturday, November 1, 2008

trick or treat!

halloween was a big success!  we managed to find costumes for everyone, some were related.  maybe next year we'll go for a theme. we went trick or treating over at the same development by my parents' house where we've gone the last 2 years and they lived up to the hype again by handing out full size candy bars and decorating festively. one house handed out playdough, which layla was SO excited about. i hadn't really anticipated one minor issue, though. layla is so well adjusted to her recent dietary restrictions that she was 'rejecting' anything people tried to put in her pumpkin that was in a brown wrapper. she'd hand it back to them saying, 'i can't have chocolate.' the first house she did that at, the guy actually went into his kitchen and got her a pack of fruit snacks! how totally nice (and unnecessary). i told her that it was okay if people gave her chocolate, we would sort it out later. gotta love a picky 3 year old trick or treater.

some friends (spiderman and family) joined us there so it was even more fun.  shane was running all over the place trying to hit as many houses as possible, but layla was taking it slower.  i think her fancy dress was impeding her mobility.  royalty she is not. micah, surprisingly enough, had a blast and didn't even have a fit about his hood.  he was ridiculously cute.  so we are...

  Picture 177 Picture 161

shane, the stormtrooper...                 micah, chewbacca....

Picture 166

layla, cinderella..... i tried to get a decent picture of her by herself, but she wasn't interested in posing.

 Picture 158

and all of us.  dave and i were jailbirds, complete with balls and chains.  yes, we need a new camera.  isn't that a fun trick it does?  turns everything purple.  you have to whack it to make it go back to normal.  so fun.

we stopped by my parents' house after trick or treating to show off. shane decided to sleep there, so we brought layla and micah home with us. they both fell asleep in the car so we just stuck them into bed. woo hoo!


  1. You guys are pretty cute in purple. Did you make Micah's or find it in a store. I didn't even know that they made tiny chewbaccas. How cute. Nice jailbird outfits. :)

  2. layla insists we were zebras... yes, i got it in a store. they had a whole line of star wars costumes for babies. he could have been darth vader or r2d2, (or princess leia), but i thought this one was the cutest, and the hood had a snap on it so i figured it would be the hardest for him to yank off.



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