Wednesday, November 19, 2008

***public service announcement***

for the public record...

the other night i tweeted that dave was taking pictures of his nostril.  i have been informed, by an authoritative source, that this is incorrect.  although i heard him say the words, "hello, nostril!", this is actually the picture he was taking at the time - clearly, not of his nostril.

new camera 006

in actuality, he was fiddling with the zoom after having taken this lovely picture of himself, and, as he demonstrated to me, it zooms in directly on his left nostril, provoking him to utter the words, "hello, nostril!"  he assured me that he is not, in any way, immature enough to be taking photos of his own nostrils and didn't much appreciate it that i had stated to the whole world that he was.

so the truth is revealed.  my husband was NOT taking pictures of his nostril, contrary to what i had previously posted.

thank you for your understanding.

(i had considered posting the zoomed-in picture so everyone else can say, "hello, nostril!", but decided that he would probably be mad enough about this already and it really wouldn't be very nice.  haha!)

1 comment:

  1. Really, i wasn't surprised that Dave would have been taking a picture of his nostril...



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