Sunday, November 9, 2008

mom of the year, here.

so last night, while hanging w/ my sick pup at the folks', i was just sitting down to write a post.  inspired by my young son, the title WAS to be something along the lines of, "holy cow this kid's a freakin' monkey!"  he chose this very moment to climb up on a dining room chair (yes, unassisted - timely, huh?) and then fall over the back of it and land on his head.  so i picked him up and checked his vitals comforted him.  i was figuring he was alright - because he usually is.  mid-wail, i noticed a small sliver of something white and hard in his mouth.  i fished it out and, convinced it was a piece of one of his teeth, i proceeded to upset him even more by hauling him into the bathroom, laying him down on the counter, turning on the bright lights over his face and digging around in his mouth, trying to get a look and feel at all of his teeth.  well, i have no idea what that was in his mouth, but all 8 teeth were accounted for and uncompromised.  and given that there was no apparent trauma to his mouth and a HUGE red bump forming on his forehead, it was pretty obvious where he landed.  so after we recovered from that, i decided to give him a bath and somehow wound up plunking him down in water that was way too hot.  way to go mom.  but he survived, fell asleep on the way home and... nevermind, i have nothing to report about that at the risk of jinxing something again by talking about it. 

at any rate, here's a couple pictures of places i've recently found micah.  yes, that's him IN the fridge.  and on layla's desk, on top of a bin full of markers.  he is a freakin' monkey.

Picture 091  Picture 002

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