Saturday, November 15, 2008


i thought i would share with you, this lovely little drawing my daughter made:

Picture 003

cute, huh? 

there are a lot of this type of drawing these days.the only problem is where she chose to draw it...  how about a little perspective:

Picture 004

yup, that's the bathroom counter. 

cute, huh?

and this is after she got 'grounded' from all her other markers after i discovered a whole collection of N's, M's, and W's on her bed.  that's right, ON her bed.  the bottom sheet to be exact.  not sure where she found this one... it was a felt tip pen, as opposed to a marker, and therefore, not washable.  i was able to get most of it off, but there's still a faint pink head with legs and shoes (notice the shoes - even when she's being naughty, she still knows what's important) on the bathroom counter.  LOVELY.

where did this come from??? yes, she's always been a little bit evil... but, holy cow!  she's just awful lately.  anyone know of a good 3 year old boot camp? 


  1. Sara is horrible about coloring on odd things too, walls, doors, bedding, the couch...We have discovered if we have other "outlets" for her creativity it's a little better. We have an easel set up for her with markers and things for use on ONLY the easel. She has an art table in the corner where she HAS to sit to color, cut, stick or stamp. And the most fun, we have a piece of vinyl/pleather on our coffee table as a cover and that is her FAVORITE place to color (it started as a few "whoops'" and we gave up and now it's one of the BEST places to color, I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of it, it has artwork on it from the past full year!!!) Good Luck with your little artist, never know those drawings could be worth millions some day! ;)

  2. Oops! Haha! It's such a good drawing though! Have you tried the Magic Eraser? That seems to work magic on a variety of stuff. And if it doesn't work, you've got one more reason to get a new bathroom set, right?! May be cheaper to try the Eraser first though!

  3. It is such a cute little "human" as Lily calls her little attempts at art. How could you try ot scrub it away??! :) Deep breath before the murderous thoughts take over!

  4. i know a great boot camp... it's in watseka. i'm sure mary would volunteer in a heartbeat. lol

    (see why i'm not married)



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