Saturday, November 1, 2008

a breakthrough?

i almost don't want to post this in case i jinx it. if we backfire, i'll admit it - you don't talk about the no-hitter.

but we're in the midst of a 'project' with micah. mr. high maintenance has pushed us to the limit with his nighttime needs. basically, we've gotten ourselves in a situation where micah wakes up multiple times a night and wants to nurse. it's ridiculous, because he totally doesn't need to, it's just what he wants to do to go back to sleep. and, in an effort to have him shut up as quick as possible (in order to avoid having 3 children awake in the middle of the night instead of just 1) i just give him what he wants so he'll go back to sleep. but i recently reached the end of my rope. i need sleep!

so i moved out.

not really, but i moved out of the room. i've been on 'vacation', sleeping elsewhere at night and letting dave handle the nighttime stuff. basically, dave's been putting him to bed and 'helping him out' when he wakes up at night because if i'm there, he's going to be insistent. the last few nights, he woke up a few times and dave was able to get him to go back to sleep after a while, gave him a bottle once or twice, the first night. anything, but me. last night was the 3rd night of my 'vacation' and, by far, the best in a very long time. he fell asleep in the car and transferred easily. YES! then i went and slept in shane's bed. at 5:30, dave got up to go into work for awhile and reported to me that micah was STILL ASLEEP!!! holy #@*%! really? he woke up about 10 minutes later and just got out of bed, crawled into the dining room, and found something to play with. i took him back to bed and crawled in with him. i nursed him at that point, but he was done with nighttime, so he didn't go back to sleep, and instead entertained himself by emptying dave's sock drawer until he decided it was time to go exploring. i'll take waking up early if it means i get to sleep all night! we'll give it a little longer of this before i come back from vacation. i miss my cushy bed! maybe, if he keeps sleeping well, we'll move him into layla's room and then i can come home and accomplish the same effect. we'll see. it's all just an experiment, right?

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