Wednesday, October 15, 2008

party planning - from a 3 year old.

with micah's birthday coming up on friday, there has been a lot of discussion of party themes. for some reason, layla has become completely convinced that micah should have a princess party. this totally cracks me up because she's been talking since july about how when she turns 4, she's going to have a pirate birthday.

so she brought this up again this morning while she, micah and i were all flopping around in the bed waiting for the house to warm up (coffee to finish brewing). i said that micah didn't really want a princess birthday, at which point he crawled over me and farted.

so layla, in true layla fashion, said, "maybe he should have a fart party."


  1. so, twitter is essentially status updates like facebook has...interesting. I am all for the princess birthday for Micah and so is Lily. She was convinced that Jake needed a Sleeping Beauty party. Sounds like fun!

  2. I know a few boys who could join that party!



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